Training for TED

Public Speaking for the 21st Century 

How do you give the best presentation of your life? Every presenter at a TED conference answers this question in a very personal manner. Now it's your turn: "Training for TED“ is a fun and innovative way to train crucial business communication skills. 

TED presentations have made a huge impact on public speaking the world over. Their quality and style have raised the bar for everybody. In effect, the TED style has become the new gold standard for effective presenting. Audiences expect speakers who share ideas worth spreading, who are compelling story tellers and who know to use visuals effectively.

As a professional, you can learn a lot from the TED talk format of public speaking. At the same time, identifying, exploring and sharing an idea you care about is a true personal growth experience.

Our highly interactive concept makes full use of all available media and emphasizes the right balance between explanation, i.e. providing the tools and experimentation, i.e. learning how to use tools. Trainees will often work on tasks in pairs and small groups before they present their results to the plenary.

The course is designed on the basis of careful, critical analysis of more than 200 TED presentations. It draws on a large variety of sources, spanning the whole range from  Chris Anderson's "Official TED Guide to Public Speaking" to  Aristotle's  "Treatise on Rhetoric".



One-Day Online Workshop

Delivered via "Zoom" or "Microsoft Teams"

2 Sessions:  180 minutes per session/ 15 minute break

One on One Online  Coaching for Speakers


One-Day Workshop "Introduction to TED-Style Presenting"


  •  What makes an idea worth spreading?
  •  What are the mistakes to avoid?
  •  Introducing the tools of TED speakers: Connection, Narration, Explanation, Persuasion, Revelation


  • The opportunity test out your ideas and how to build a talk around them
  • An understanding of why TED talks work so well and how to use the TED tools for your presentations
  • Increased confidence in your potential as public speaker

   Two-Day Online Workshop "Training for TED"

   Delivered via "Zoom" or "Microsoft Teams"

  4 Sessions: 180 minutes per session / 15 minute break


  • What are the mistakes to avoid?
  • What makes an idea worth spreading?
  • The throughline: how to build a talk around a core idea
  •  Connection - Dare to get personal
  • Narration - Unlock the amazing power of stories
  • Explanation- Use the known to describe the unfamiliar
  • Persuasion - Tear down and rebuild ways of seeing the world
  • Revelation - Share a dream or an amazing demonstration
  • Visuals - The power of using good images in the right way
  • Preparation - Full script or bullet points, dry runs and rehearsals
  • Opening and Closing - Strong beginnings, memorable last lines
  • Managing anxiety - Techniques to calm your nerves


  • You work through the entire cycle: finding an idea, researching it, creating the presentation, rehearsing it and holding it for the first time in front of a live audience
  • Hone crucial communication skills you can apply to all kinds of professional communication
  • Receive detailed, constructive feedback from the trainer and your peers
  • Increased confidence in creating and delivering talks and presentations

Trainer: René LindnerEwa Zemanek

Number of participants: min. 4 - max. 10

Target group:  advanced learners of English (C1 - C2) and native speakers with presentation experience 


  • Opening/Closing
  • Creating Rapport
  • Persuasion
  • Storytelling
  • Explanation
  • Anxiety Management
  • Creating Visuals
  • Dealing with Questions