Intensive courses

Maximize your impact

Your message matters, sure. But just having something to say is not enough to make a strong impact. You bring the message; we give you the insight and the tools you need to make sure it resonates with your target audience.   

How it works

We provide you the tools, i.e. the knowledge, techniques and phrases you need to maximize your impact.  Under the guidance of our trainers, you get the chance to try out the tools in a controlled setting, in a role-play or  simulation.  Finally, you start using the tools independently, in one of our tailor-made, complex scenarios. After the training, every real life presentation, meeting or negotiation becomes an opportunity to practice and achieve mastery.  

Customize your Intensive Course Experience

We offer ten business communication modules, covering the entire range of communication needs from negotiation to small talk. We alternate topics during the to keep things lively and because we know that alternating topics improves retention. We offer a 3-day course covering three modules and a 5-day course covering five modules.