We offer tailor made and fixed syllabus courses; all our workshops are also available in the extensive format. 

Corporate academy

In today's fast moving and demanding environment, the ability to devote 90 minutes a week to learning and personal development is a valuable privilege, especially if it's done during work times. For B 2 level students and native speakers,  our high-end courses covering topics like behavioral economics, personal finance and communication psychology are the best way to make optimal use of this time. Traditional extensive language courses quickly lose steam and turn into pleasant, but ineffective chats. Our corporate academy program ensures trainee interest and motivation through sophisticated, challenging content. The leading practioners of the field we work on are our virtual co-teachers; our trainers use video lectures and the full range of online material. Our trainers facilitate the learning process by critically appraising and applying the material together with the trainees. 

Created to suit your needs

We offer tailor-made courses focused on essential communication skills like presenting, meetings and teleconferences for trainees starting from a B 1 Level.  As a first step, we establish a general framework in cooperation with our customer's HR unit or training officer. As a second step, we turn to the trainees: They receive a placement test, a questionnaire about their role in the company, and we interview each trainee individually before designing the training. During the needs-analysis, we establish the trainee's current CEF level and agree on a target CEF level with them. Setting a clear, realistic goal is very important in ensuring the trainee's motivation, and makes the result of our work measurable for the client.

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