Our 1 on 1 coaching program is designed for executives and experts working in international environments, or with the need to prepare for such an environment. It's a highly responsive program with a flexible structure; every 1 on 1 coaching is tailor made to fit the individual client's needs. We deliver it on-site or via Skype.

Solving real problems

International conferences and strategy meetings, presentations to the board, rolling out processes on a global scale; we help our clients to master real world communication challenges by providing feedback, sharing ideas and using carefully crafted simulations to optimize delivery and impact of their messages. For our private clients and company customers with outplacement needs, we specialize in job hunting skills: assessing and communicating strengths and weaknesses, creating CVs and cover letters and making a strong impact in job interviews.

Passionate Learners, Trustworthy Listeners

Working with executives and experts from all kinds of industries is a fascinating opportunity to learn and take a look behind the scenes. Our trainers are active listeners and passionate learners, encouraging the trainees to use English to talk about what is going on in their lives, their jobs, their companies and the industry as a whole. We take a genuine interest in the other person and look for the best way to help our client grow and develop: we regard professional success as the launch pad for individual growth.

We can deliver content and guide the process, but we can also switch roles and learn from our clients. Discussing complex, work related topics and having to explain them in a simple, accessible manner is valuable practice for the client. Our trainers build long term relationships with their 1 on 1 clients and confidentiality is a matter of course.

More than business

An exclusive focus on business and directly work related material is counterproductive, however, because it quickly becomes repetitive and boring. We know about the value of variety and surprise and we introduce rich and diverse content from cutting edge online resources. The coaching sessions are the ideal opportunity to spark interest in new insights and new topics. This keeps motivation levels high and encourages trainees to regard English as an invaluable tool to understand more about the world rather than a subject to be learned.

Meeting of Minds

All our trainers have mastered another field in addition to the English language. Their expertise und business experience gives them a different perspective and allows them to provide valuable feedback in conversations with our executive clients.

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