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Virtual Learning is effective and efficient, but only when the human desire for connection and building relationships is taken into account.

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Virtual learning is the ideal solution for many companies and busy professionals. It allows teams working from different locations to learn and grow together. It eliminates travel times and respects the busy schedules of individual learners. We offer our entire range of high-end services virtually: business communication skills courses, 1on1 coaching for executives,  job interview training as well as speech writing and preparation, conference presentation training, moderating events and chairing meetings.

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Seamless Integration

Our method, with its emphasis on authentic, high-value content is ideal for the virtual classroom. We seamlessly integrate online video and audio content in our virtual training sessions.

We know how to use our tools, but we also know that learning is more than the efficient use of tools and technology. We carefully select the right trainer and the appropriate material for every course and every individual trainee. The connections created through learning together are an important part of any educational experience. That’s why our corporate groups and individual trainees work with the same teacher for at least six months at a time.

The Human Factor

Human beings aren’t like machines – you can’t just transfer knowledge from one brain to another. Building human relationships takes time, that’s why we don’t constantly rotate the teachers for our virtual training sessions. Studies have shown that stable learning groups working with the same teacher over longer periods of times achieve better results than random groups with rotating teachers.

We also offer "Blended Learning": Blended Learning combines virtual learning with face-to-face to workshops. This is ideal for training presentation skills, for example. The groundwork and the preparation for the individual presentations is done online. The trainees practice the delivery in front of an audience during a face-to-face workshop.

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