The Future of the Euro

The European Union was both the most ambitious and the most successful political project of the 20th century. The Euro, the common currency, was meant to bring the participating countries closer together and to lay the foundation for an even closer political union.  This is not quite what happened; the interactive, multi-media workshop will look at the reasons for what now seems to be a never-ending crisis. We will explore the history, rationale and current situation of the EU, covering the both the economic and the political aspects of the grand project undergoing its most dangerous crises. “The Future of the Euro” will provide some much needed context and background to the story that will have a decisive impact on the life of every European citizen in the years to come.


Duration:  3 days / 9:30am - 16:30pm 
Trainer: René Lindner  
Number of participants: min. 6  -  max. 12
Target group: B2 - C2  


  • Ordoliberalism and the Structure of the EU
  • The role of Germany
  • European Banks & Financial Crises
  • Banking Union & Single Supervisory Mechanism 
  • The Euro: Winners & Losers