Anne Maria Kupila

Languages:  Finnish, Swedish, English, German

I am an internationally experienced and interdisciplinary oriented scholar with very good teaching and communication skills in Finnish, Swedish, English and German and Culture History, Intercultural Communication. Due to my intercultural background I have excellent communication skills both written and verbal in 4 languages and also get quite well along using 4 more. Having studied at 8 Finnish universities and taught Finnish at 4 universities outside Finland I have earned a very detailed and comprehensive knowledge of education systems in Finland and the European countries, especially Germany. Besides that I have over 15 years work experience in intercultural and multilingual environments.

I had the great opportunity to work for three years as a research assistant for Professor Dr Hartmut Schröder at the Europa Universität Viadrina in Germany in the international and interdisciplinary culture taboo research project (comparative linguistics and media research) in Frankfurt an der Oder (near Berlin), which gave me real depth to understand what happens when cultures collide. I have finished some special further teaching training courses in Germany and Finland and specialized in (NLP) Neurolinguistic Programming in Language Instruction, teaching intercultural courses at eLearning Platforms, Mediating Culture through literature, using suggestopedia in foreign language instruction. I am also a certified examiner for the Official Finnish State Language Examination (YKI ) and have completed a training for the Preliminary English Test (PET) organized by the University of Cambridge. The most recent training I took part in was an accreditation for multisensory language teaching for adults and children.

Professional Experience

  • Lecturer, University of Essen Duisburg, GermanyDepartment of Optional Studies (IOS)
  • Lecturer, University of Düsseldorf, GermanyDepartment of Foreign Languages
  • Lecturer, University of Turku, FinlandFinnish Virtual University of History, eHLEE-project
  • Lecturer, University of Cologne, GermanyDepartment of Scandinavian Languages and Literatures


  • Finnish School of Düsseldorf
  • Competence Center for Gifted Düsseldorf (CCB)
  • Europa Universität Viadrina in Germany
  • University of Cambridge


  • 1999-2004 M.A. Master of Arts (PhD Student since 2009) University of Turku, Finland.
  • Educational Science, Finnish as a second-language, Electra- eLearning for Intercultural Teaching Competence, Finnish Language, Life Philosophy, Culture History.

Other Skills:   Drawing, painting, pottery, photography, playing the piano and double-bass